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True Health And Wellness Services & Scheduling 

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Primary Care 

Primary Care includes the management of disease processes, prevention, and wellness. At True Health And Wellness we accept insurance and self-pay patients for primary care. 

Healthy Food

Weight Loss 

Weight Loss is a self-pay service that we offer here at True Health And Wellness. 

Homemade Remedies

Infusion Therapy 

Infusion therapy is focused on vitamin replacement and hydration. Treatments include the Myers Cocktail (general health), Immune Booster, Beauty Glow, Weight Loss, Magnesium, Recovery, & Hydration. Infusions are a self-pay service. 

Drug and Syringe


Injections of B12, B Complex, Vitamin D, MIC, & B12/MIC can be administered when recommended by the provider. Injections are a self-pay service. 

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PEMF Therapy 

PEMF Therapy is an 8 minute treatment that we offer in a 5 session series. PEMF Therapy improves blood flow, oxygen delivery to cells, energy enhancing properties, relaxation, and more. PEMF Therapy is a self-pay service. 


Medical Counseling 

Medical Counseling is a service offered to those who wish to receive medical counseling about their health, medications, lifestyle, etc. Medical Counseling is a self-pay service unless Holly is your primary care provider then it is run through insurance. 

Book an Appointment

Select the button below to schedule with us. The button will direct you to Kareo, our medical software and you may select the service you would like to schedule from there. 
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